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This comment area is for discussions particularly related to sections of the book (there are others for more free-form discussions).

Please indicate in your post which chapter you're talking about.

By the way - feel free to use it, but don't get too excited - I'm just testing what the site template can do.  If it doesn't work, I'll go to Plan B.

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  • 1 mefree

    I really like the analogy to cooking: we can't "microwave" ourselves out of our problems, or into great solutions.

    Think of the PMP certification: we cannot pursue it until you have thousands of ours as a practicing PM. When you get certified are you an Expert at Implementing Best Practices?
    Maybe, but, how many people implement all 46 Process areas?

    I like what I've read so far. Thanks for writing the book.

  • 2 admin

    Thanks, mefree, for the very kind words!
    A big welcome to the community.
    Hope you'll add a review to Amazon when you get the chance.

  • 3 Jesus Gomez

    Great book!! I just could not find the completed template for the governance charter that the book said was on the web page. It'd be great to have as well as templates for the other type of charter that the book mentions.

  • 4 admin

    Hi, Jesus! You are so right - I will upload it in the next day or so ... I have to go back in an remember how to do that 🙂

  • 5 mefree

    Dr. Brown, I've been in my current role, PfM, @ CNIC (Navy) for only a few months. We have a new CEO who has been here only about 2 months. I'm struggling with the exercise 3, in Chapter 3, in part due to my lack of understanding of the culture, but also trying to determine the ranking. BTW, the Kindle version, location 1715/6380 provides no insight into the exercise. I had to come to the website for the 03_Risk_assessment.pdf
    I was thinking it might help to revise the table along these lines:

    1. How likely is it that you will NOT get executive support?
    5 - very likely we will get no support, benign neglect,...
    4 - someone likely will will get no support
    1 - the exec is on board with the need to make big cultural, process...changes.
    2. How likely is it that people will be, or currently are, averse to Authority?
    5 - "Nobody can tell me what to do!"
    4 - "We'll have to discuss this with the union rep..."

    1 - "Have I jumped high enough, Sir?"

    About to get off the VRE, so no time for more!

  • 6 admin

    Hi, Mark!
    You are right, expanding out the table would be a great next step.
    How about other folks in the community, would you like to do this collaboratively?
    I wonder whether situations would allow a single table to work for everybody?

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